Twisp’s Creative District Program

Email from March, 2019

From Amanda Jackson Mott, executive director – Methow Arts Alliance

I have some exciting news regarding starting the process to officially get our town and/or valley certified by the state in the Washington State Arts Commission’s Creative District Certification Program. In 2017 this legislation was signed into law. As an ArtsWA Commissioner I worked with 22 arts leaders across the state to get this legislation passed and we designed the program in a way that would help communities – big and small – use creative industries and the arts to help towns thrive. 
Last fall (2018) Edmonds, WA became the first creative district in Washington State to receive certification. The time is right for us to apply and get things started. The process takes approximately 9 months.

Annette Roth, the Creative District program manager with ArtsWA will visit Twisp on June 11 and 12. Importantly she will present to the Twisp Town Council, Twisp Economic Revitilization Committee and meet with arts organizations. On Wednesday we will hold an evening soiree which will include the creative industries of our valley as well as key stakeholders. In addition, she will visit community organizations, non-profit groups, arts organizations and local businesses. We would love for you to set time aside on both days now so that we can organize an itinerary for her time.

The Certified Creative Districts program works to help communities throughout the state thrive. It is a legislative initiative designed to support the state’s creative economy. A state-certified Creative District provides a strong base for communities to grow the arts and creative economy. They can grow jobs and provide educational, and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors.

WHAT IS A CREATIVE DISTRICT?It’s a geographically defined area where art, cultural, social, and economic activity takes place. It includes cultural facilities, artists, creative industries and other businesses that support these activities. It’s a vehicle to grow jobs and create opportunities in the arts. It can make the most of a community’s arts and cultural heritage. It’s the heart of a community – a focal point for people to gather and enjoy vibrant and vital activities. And it showcases the innovation and entrepreneurship Washington is known for.

Please share this information with your Board of Directors, artists and other stakeholders you feel would be interested.