Legacies: Exhibit Opening & Artist Reception

Opening Reception: Fri, Feb 29 5-7 pm Show Dates: Feb 29-April 12, 2020

Although this exhibit is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Confluence Gallery can be contacted for artwork sales directly @ info@confluencegallery.com, 509-997-2787

The Methow Valley is and has been home to several artists that have, over the years, shaped what we know of today as our thriving art community.  

While the valley began humbly enough as small rural towns based on mining, logging, agriculture, and ranching, a small enclave of talented dedicated forward-thinking artists had the insight and fortitude to develop a circle of artists and art spaces.  The circle widened, thereby influencing our local economy, schools, and how we approach what a healthy well-rounded community is.  (Artwork left, Archaeology of Grief, Acrylic on board by Tori Karpenko.)

Including long-standing Methow artists as well as those who have passed on, we hope to honor the artistic legacies they have created.  They have shaped our past and are paramount to directing our future in the Arts. Their steadfast dedication to the Arts and the survival of the rural artist has paved the way for artists and makers today.   

Curator- Joanne Marracci

(Artwork, Wilderness Journal, Bleeding Hearts, Oil.)

INFO/CONTACT: info@confluencegallery.com, 509-997-2787 DATES: Opening Reception: Show Dates: Feb 29-April 12, 2020 LOCATION: 104 Glover St. South Twisp, WA 98856