Spartan Art Project: Philippe Pirrip

Saturdays Thru Aug, 2015

ArtAn avant-garde showing of the work of Philippe Pirrip runs through August at the Spartan Art Project on the TwispWorks Campus.   Constructed upon systems of signification, self-referentiality and differences, paint takes on the form of an interpretative tool in order to give shape to sensible yet invisible thoughts. Ambiguously structured in its form and content, a painting acts as a figure grounded in meaning and also as a ground on which the meaning resides. Affecting and affixing the seeming duality with layers and references, a painting simulates its capacity to not only enhance the perceivable world but also introduce another by generating its own meaning.

DATES: Open Saturdays through August LOCATION: Spartan Art Project @ TwispWorks Campus CONTACT: Matthew Armbrust,