Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends, funding for the arts

Thank you so much to so many who have contacted us and sent wishes about our beautiful valley. The loss here has been great, but we are strong. The Carlton Complex Fire has burned in excess of 250,000 acres and it is estimated we have lost about 300 homes. The fire continues as do efforts for restoration.

We want to be sure to invite friends from afar to continue to visit our region, to support our businesses and play in our beautiful mountains and rivers. Power was restored last week, the arts are hopping, restaurants are cooking and lodging is plentiful. Although times are hard, we are strong! I strongly believe “We can do it!”

Visit our webpage for changes and updates to some of the planned arts events. And continue to send questions about the fire and ideas our way.

With warmth and appreciation,

Amanda Jackson Mott, Executive Director, Methow Arts