Two Hours in Twisp: spring

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Lucky you! You’re charging your electric car at Twisp, WA’s EV charging station at TwispWorks and now you are in possession of two unscheduled hours in which to explore this eclectic town at the base of the North Cascades. So what are you going to do with these footloose hours?

Well, first of all rest assured that you can indeed get everywhere you need to go in Twisp on foot—no Uber required (nor is there one available anyway)! Twisp’s centralized downtown corridor makes it easy to walk around to a variety of locales. What’s more, when you’re on foot you’ll notice things you didn’t expect to encounter: a free little library from Methow Arts, a new exhibit at an art gallery, and even some aerial trapeze classes. (Did someone say “aerial trapeze classes”? In Twisp? Yup. Are you starting to think about Twisp a little differently now?)

But first things first—plug in your car. Now, time to begin your 2-hour Twisp adventure.
You’re already on the TwispWorks campus, so all artist studios that line the grounds of this former Forest Service complex. You’ll find everything from species-specific bird nesting boxes made of reclaimed wood to a print arts studio to a blacksmithing shop to a glassblowing operation. On warm days you might find other people lounging on the plaza or playing in the water feature.  

Hungry? Grab lunch or a snack at one of several  recommended restaurants in Twisp, then treat yourself to some time at one of Twisp’s free art galleries, such asConfluence Gallery or Keyser Studios, conveniently located within a block of each other. The wine/oil/vinegar cellar at Glover Street Market isn’t technically a gallery, but there is an undeniable visual and gustatory artistry to this stone-lined space of vials and bottles. 

Spring is a delightful time to stroll around Twisp, and you can anchor your walk with a tour of the town’s public art. Use Methow Arts’public art map to guide you to different locations around town where you’ll find mosaics, murals, steel sculptures, and cast aluminum pieces. On sunny days you won’t want to miss the Twisp Ponds, a complex of meandering trails, native plants, large-scale art pieces, and salmon-rearing ponds. It’s just a 1/4 mile easy walk from town, out Twisp River Road.

Errands to accomplish? No problem! Twisp is the central hub for Methow Valley services ranging from a pharmacy to a gourmet grocery market. Gifts galore can be acquired at Ulrich’sPICGlover Street Market, and Confluence Gallery’s gift shop. For groceries, hit upHank’s Harvest Foods. Need a haircut? We have 3 or 4 salons right in town. Heck, you could even get a massage or acupuncturewhile you wait for your car to charge!

You might rather just curl up with a good book and read for a couple of hours. No problem; our local library welcomes visitors and has a relaxed atmosphere for reading, as well as a great selection of periodicals and some downright friendly librarians. Or take your own book to one of the parks, located outside theMethow Valley Community Center and near the river by the pool. 

If you happen to be in Twisp on a Saturday morning, you’ll want to visit the weekly Farmers Market in the Community Center parking lot from 9am-12pm. 

With enough ambition and fortuitous timing, you could drop into a yoga or pilates class and still have time (and justification) for a cookie or eponymous pastry at the Cinnamon Twisp Bakeryafterwards. Grab a coffee at the bakery, or walk to the east end of town to get your java at the Blue Star Coffee Roasters café and roasting plant, which you can view from the café through glass windows.

If we can’t tempt you into spending the night in Twisp tonight, we hope you’ll come back and visit us in the summer—we’ll have a whole different list of seasonal ways for you to experience Twisp. 

For weekly updates on what’s happening in Twisp, visit our Facebook page. And check out our website for more information. #VisitTwisp #TwispWa #MethowValley 

For weekly updates on what’s happening in Twisp, visit our Facebook page. And check out our website for more information. #VisitTwisp #TwispWa #MethowValley 

This blog is brought to you by the Twisp Chamber of Commerce.
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Posted 24th January 2018 by Twisp Washington