Winthrop Gallery Exhibits

Summer 2021

(Flowers and Fireflies, Paula Christen.)

June 1 – In the Forest – Creativity sparked by our dense vertical green habitat. Opening June 1

July 27 – Now and Then – Pulling from the past. Designing the present. Opening July 27

Starry Nights and Blue Days

Over us all, the inspiration of skies. The sky- a dark velvet pinpointed by starlight or bluebird cheery, it is a canopy we share worldwide. Ancients used the stars to navigate unknown seas. Today, we push through the boundary of blue to explore. Poets, song writers and artists have always looked above for ways to express something larger than just our own thoughts. Opening September.

LOCATION: 237 Riverside in Winthrop, the Winthrop Gallery is open seven days a week from 10 am to 5pm and staffed by member artists. CONTACT: 509-996-3925,