Creatives Academy

The Washington State Department of Commerce has worked with Robb Zerr to develop a series of FREE virtual lessons that cover a wide swath of business skills.  It is designed to teach those in the creative sector how to turn their passion into a livelihood.  Twelve sessions to help create a sustainable, profitable business, from pricing and negotiation to intellectual property and going global.

Some of history’s greatest advances came from the minds of ordinary people who changed the world with a single idea.

This academy will hopefully inspire other great minds – creative minds – to think big, not only about their own talent, product or service, but about the idea of turning it into a successful business. These lessons are designed to give you the tools you need to accomplish this.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction: Are You Ready?
  • Lesson 1: Thinking Like a Business
  • Lesson 2: Business Structure
  • Lesson 3: Access to Capital
  • Lesson 4: Creating Revenue Streams
  • Lesson 5: Marketing
  • Lesson 6: Finding Customers
  • Lesson 7: Pricing
  • Lesson 8: Creating a Winning Pitch
  • Lesson 9: Effective Negotiation
  • Lesson 10: Intellectual Property
  • Lesson 11: Managing Your Money
  • Lesson 12: Going Global

Start Learning: