Lesson 5: 1st and 2nd Grade ART At-Home

The Week of May 11, 2020

Methow Arts has weekly easy, at-home art lessons to do with your student or child. You can find the description of each lesson below along with an image and a list of materials. Click on the title of each lesson to view or print off a PDF version of the lesson. Brought to you by Methow Arts Youth Arts Instructor, Bethany Wray.

FIND MORE 1st & 2nd grade-level ART pages from us at Methow Arts CLICK HERE.These are updated weekly for at-home lessons.

ART Page 1: Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE PDF

Lesson Adapted from: artwithkatie.blogspot.com

ART Page 2: Other Flower Inspired Activities CLICK HERE

Read: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
YouTube Read‐Aloud: CLICK HERE

Look: Can you identify the types of flowers in your backyard? Take a look at Washington Trail Association’s guide to 57 common species of wildflowers in Washington: WTA GUIDE to Wildflowers

Create: Take drawing materials with you next time you go outside and draw the flowers you see. At the end, label the different parts of the flowers and write the name of the flower at the bottom of your drawing.

FIND MORE 1st & 2nd Grade level ART pages from us at Methow Arts CLICK HERE. These are updated weekly for at-home lessons.

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